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The ExFelon Association, Inc.
Carl Bryant Founder & Visionary for ExFelons

Recidivism is one of the most fundamental concepts in criminal justice. It refers to a person's relapse into criminal behavior, often after the person receives sanctions or undergoes intervention for a previous crime. 


The ExFelon Association is a non-profit 501(c)3 & 501(c)4 advocacy, prevention, membership, support group and outreach for ExFelons, their families and their friends. The ExFelon Association has worked in partnership with The Repair Shop Outreach Ministries for the 10 years. 

The purpose is to help ExFelons deal with the title felon on a spiritual level and help them face their everyday life issues to integrate back into society. We help ExFelons set avenues while rechanging boundaries and laws for ExFelons to rebound as productive citizens.  Together we are building pathways on foundations for growth and development through creative strategic partnerships with corporate and civic organizations. We are stopping recidivism through education and training. The ExFelon Association has created a partnership with  Bio Waste Tech, Inc. This partnership has established a Biomedical Waste Reclaim Program that provides career training and jobs for ExFelons.

The ExFelon Association is building partnerships with companies globally to better our world while capturing the mind, body and soul of people across the world. We partner and work with corporations, companies, prisons, law enforcement, judges, and government officials at all levels. Your help and support is needed to further our cause.

Carl Bryant, founder and president of The ExFelon Association says, "we must educate, organize, and raise awareness that it is time to unite. It is the only way to win." Conversation with Carl will expose his passion for the work he does on behalf of ExFelons. This work is of critical importance to him. The question that begs to be answered is why is Carl Bryant, who is a college graduate with a bachelors degree in criminal justice so passionate about this cause. The answer is Carl, who was a law enforcement officer for four years was falsely accused of an assault in 2004. This trumped up charge led to an arrest and 21 days in jail. Carl was eventually exonerated, but not before he understood that God allowed this to drive him to this important mission.

Carl says the experience taught him that the system is broken and help is needed to provide proper repair to our legal system. Carl said, "that is why I created these programs to help the Criminal Justice System and to help all of Our Brothers and Sisters realize a better way."

Bio Waste Tech, a for profit business, was created to aid the The ExFelon Association in providing jobs for ExFelons as the growing recycle industry shows a positive willingness to hire ExFelons.

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The ExFelon Association, Inc.

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