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Christian Criminal Civil Research Group

ExFelon Legal Research Group A means to Help Overcome and Legal Redress
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Christian Criminal Civil Research Group

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Training By TalkShoe Talk Show
Location Meeting Online and By Newsletters

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The Christian Criminal Civil Research Group was developed to assist members with the law and unlawful convictions. The research group will upon request look at a conviction, court ordered probation contracts, and research lawful convictions. Members will be provided the opportunity to have their convictions looked at for defects and false convictions, violations of due process and constitutional issues affecting their orders in felony and lower class convictions.

Workshops will be conducted through our TalkShoe Program. The primary dial in number is 1.605.562.0444. We will also provide YouTube live streams for the workshops. All subjects in reference to The ExFelon Association will pertain to Our New Talk Program in criminal and civil area as well as other areas of concern for our orginization.

Our Legal System is broken and is functioning off a jurisdiction that can be foreign to most Americans. The object is to challenge any legal procedure from the start. Many arrests are unlawful, police persist to get an arrest when they believe someone has broken the law. Cases are overturned daily in challenges to unlawful arrest. The larger part of the jail and prison population have not broken an actuall common law crime. It is within our common law rights that a person has to harm or hurt a person to be convicted of a criminal element. Yes, if anyone has harmed or stolen and harmed a person they may have committed a crime. Maybe? It is possible 70% or more of Americans are in jail or prison unlawfully and this is truth. The Christian Criminal Civil Research Group, CCCRG, aka 3 C Research Group, advocates and promotes education, research, and remedies for false convictions. Every man, woman and child has the God given right to due process and redress of grievances. This is our right. CCCRG will be active in legal redress. Our team will advance the legal helps that people need.

CCCRG desires to train all that seek legal education as we are a body of educational help for ExFelons and our members. Our workshops and conference calls desire to reach out to those in need of assistance. CCCRG works in the civil field as educators while meeting needs. Become a member today.