1. Law and Basketball Old School Skill Set Training

                                                2. Reimagining Life Principles, Priorities & Pathways Curriculum 

                                                3. YLLC aka Young Law Legal Club

                                                4. Law & Basketball Therapeutic Boot Camp

                                                5. Law & Basketball Animation

                                                6. Law & Basketball Sustainability Program 

                                                7. Recycle Sustainability Reclaim Program

                                                8. Industrial Agriculture Hemp Pilot Program 

       Law & Basketball Programs function through a collaborative partnership between Repair Shop Outreach Ministries,                          Inc., a 501c3, ExFelon Association, Inc., a 501c4 and Bio Waste Tech, Inc, a for profit.

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Repair Shop Outreach Ministries, Inc.

ExFelon Association, Inc.

Bio Waste Tech, Inc.

378 North Lake Blvd. #159

North Palm Beach, Florida 33408

1.833.ExFelon (833.393.3566)

24 Hour Mentoring Helpline