Who Are We?

We are the Light in a Felons Darkest Moments!

We are the Answer the Felon is Seeking!

The ExFelon Association, Inc. is a 501(c)3, 501(c)4 advocacy, membership,  prevention, education and training organization for ExFelons, their families and their friends. Our mission is to help ExFelons, their family and their friends deal with the title felon on a spiritual, educational and emotional level while helping them face everyday life issues as they attempt to come back into society. We know for a fact that through faith, love and truth ExFelons can embrace the title and work through the adversity of life's highs, lows and setbacks that the title felon has brought them, their families and their friends. The Title Felon is no respecter or persons. ExFelons are from every ethnic group, profession and socioeconomic background. We stand up to say, “It is time for a change in our society for ExFelons!” Our call to duty as The ExFelon Association is to be trailblazers in setting avenues, rechanging boundaries and laws to change the Title Felon to ExFelons while to showing that ExFelons are still productive people in society.
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The ExFelon Association, Inc.

378 North Lake Blvd. #159

North Palm Beach, Florida 33408



24 Hour Mentoring Helpline